Should you use silicone cookware?

Safe, take care of the health of yourself, family and friends

1. What is silicone material?

  Silicon is a material that when we talk about it we immediately think of fillers in the beauty industry.. In addition, this material is now used to produce silicone cooking kits, However, not many people know that this material can have such applications due to the low popularity of items and products made from silicone.

Silicone cooking kits

  Silicon is a synthetic polymer. They have other names called polysiloxane. This material is a chain of alternating oxygen and silic atoms. There is also a combination of carbon, hydrogen or sometimes some other element.

2.  Advantages and disadvantages of silicone cooking kits

2.1 Advantages

  After surveying consumers who used silicone cooking kits, the vast majority of people highly appreciated for the following outstanding advantages

2.1.1 Safety with food and health of users.

  Silicone is famous for its application in medicine and beauty. So this material does not contain toxic ingredients and is extremely safe, so in the process of cooking and using them at high temperatures, Silicone cooking kits will also not secrete toxic substances that contaminate food, endangering human health.

Silicone cooking kits

2.1.2 Has high durability, long service life.

  The heat resistance of silicon is up to 300°C. Therefore, if you use silicone cookware, you will be comfortable to stir-frying, cooking, frying or putting them in the microwave, dishwasher... without worrying at all about the metamorphosis or deformation of silicone kits.

2.1.3 Has high toughness

   This is a material with high softness, flexibility, elasticity so you will easily bend at any angle. Make your cooking process a lot easier and more convenient, helping to cook delicious dishes for yourself, family and friends.

Silicone tools for whisking eggs and flour

2.1.4 High durability

  Unlike metal cooking kits, after a long time of use, they lose the coating on the surface, they are easily oxidized., and wooden cooking kits are difficult to remove grease, appear black streaks due to mold. This affects the aesthetics and is extremely dangerous to human health, so we have to constantly buy new cooking kits. In contrast, silicone cookware is resistant to oxidative damage. Therefore, using silicone cookware will help you save money when you have to constantly buy new types of utensils when you used wooden cooking kits or metal cooking kits.

Silicone cooking kits

  Due to their non-adhesion nature, after each use you just need to wash them gently, even if they are greasy stains, they will be like new again.

2.1.5 Environmental friendliness

  There have been many experts and scientists who have studied and proven that silicon materials are completely non-toxic or cause any effect on aquatic life as well as the ground.

Environmental friendliness and easy to recycled

   But silicone is not biodegradable, leading many people to mistakenly believe that using silicone items will increase the amount of waste, But don't worry, because this material is completely safe and can be recycled after a long time of use without causing any danger or degradation.

  To minimize plastic waste, many experts now recommend using this material.

2.2 Disadvantages of silicone cooking kits

  Perhaps the only disadvantage of this product is that their cost is quite high compared to tools made of ordinary materials such as stainless steel, plastics or wooden.

Silicone cooking kits

  However, with the advantages of Topsheng Silicone just listed above, this product is worth the investment to cook delicious and non-toxic meals for yourself, family and friends.

3. Should silicone cookware be used?

  According to our assessment and the survey of many people, you should absolutely use tools made from this material. With great advantages such as good heat resistance, easy cleaning, toughness, high durability and environmental friendliness, this is an extremely good product and quality for food processing.

​Silicone baking sheet


   However, you should choose products made from 100% silicone material and buy in reputable stores. Because if unfortunately mixed with impurities or silicone is not of sufficient quality, not only the product does not have the advantages that Topsheng Silicone has just listed but also have a great impact on the health of users.

4.  Some notes when using silicone cookware

 Although silicone cookware is very convenient and safe for everyday cooking, to ensure the safety of the health of the whole family, you should note some of the following factors:

-         Pay attention to choosing high quality silicone products, with full labels, purchased in reputable stores.

-         Make sure your cookware isn't scratched or has cuts Since these cuts can lead to the fact that when boiling or cooking chemical substances are "washed out". Although silicone cookers are very durable, when you use a knife or something sharp and cut hard into the kit, they will still be scratched.

Silicone cooking kits

 Through the article, we have partly seen the great applications and benefits of silicone in life and especially silicone cooking kits. (Topsheng Silicone) is a company with a solid foundation and extensive experience in manufacturing silicone products, We have production technologies such as extrusion, injection molding, injection molding.

  Contact us if you are in need of a supplier, manufacture products or parts from silicone in bulk, With extensive experience, we are confident to meet all your requirements.

  Contact us now for more information and makes your ideas come true:            Company: Topsheng Silicone Solution.                                                                          Phone numbers: 0867 571 038                                                            Gmail:                                                                                          Web:                                                                                                      Address: 210 Tân Thới Nhì 1, Tân Thới Nhì, Hóc Môn, TP HCM.


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