Weaning in your baby and what to keep in mind

For your baby's safety

  The period of weaning is also a time when parents are hard and time-consuming in choosing and quantifying food. Besides, parents also need to choose to buy weaning bowl utensils so that children are more interested in eating and eating well. The market today has many types of weaning bowls with a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors,... In particular, the factor that parents need to pay the most attention to is the material. Many on the market have poor quality weaning bowls that easily metamorphose or contain BPA. If you do not know, BPA is very dangerous for humans, and for babies when the body and immune system are not fully developed, it is even more dangerous (To know its dangers read our previous article). So parents should follow the article below to be able to understand what weaning is and choose weaning utensils so that your baby both enjoys the meal and is safe for your baby.

What is weaning? 

  This is considered the transition period of the baby from breastfeeding to a diet of solid foods. Accordingly, weaning is the process of feeding babies other foods besides breast milk such as porridge, rice, flour, vegetables,... According to doctors and experts, the best weaning period is between 4-6 months of age, because at this age, babies develop enough to be aware and capable of working their tongues and jaws to swallow solid foods. 
  Weaning is a strenuous period but also full of fun and joy for both mother and baby. Therefore, you should not rush, but patiently take each step slowly to help your baby get used to it, avoiding the situation that he is afraid to eat. In addition, to make the weaning process easier, mothers should buy weaning bowls for babies. So you should choose the type of bowl with the material and style to both be safe for your baby's health and make him enjoy meals.

The materials of weaning utensils are common.

  This is an important factor parents need to consider when buying solid bowls for their babies. Instead of using bowls with materials such as porcelain, metal, glass,... or metal spoons, plastic and silicone are the two most popular materials due to their lightness and durability, these are 2 materials that are often recommended to buy. 
There are many parents who, because they want to save money, mistakenly buy bowls and spoons with poor quality materials, so there is a strange smell, less durable and especially after use, these tools will degenerate and produce toxic substances and contaminate the food causing many serious harms. This is an extremely important thing that parents need to keep in mind when choosing solid food utensils for children. 

  Normally, you can naturally use regular bowls and spoons, but most pediatricians will advise parents to use shallow plastic or silicone kits. This type of utensils does not get too hot or too cold when in contact with food such as metal spoons and this helps the rate of burns caused by food to be reduced to almost absolute levels, especially, it also helps to minimize the situation of children being startled when these metal tools fall or impact causing loud noises. Accordingly, it not only helps children eat solids more easily, avoiding the trait of fear of eating, but also good for the baby's mouth and small jaw. 

  With weaning bowls, you should not use porcelain or glass, because when it comes to weaning, it is also the time when children are developing hand muscles and grip. so children tend to act on an instinct to like to hold and throw everything in front of them and at hand. This leads to easy breaking, breaking bowls continuously, causing parents to regularly buy new tools, so it is quite expensive. Therefore, you should use weaning bowls and weaning utensils of non-fragile materials such as silicon, plastic, wood,... These are suitable and safe options for your baby, which fits the cost when shopping. 

Why use silicone weaning tools.

  Silicone is a material that is used a lot in the medical and beauty industry, so parents can be absolutely assured of its safety. 
  Silicone has high elastic properties, durability, and especially it withstands temperatures as high as 300 degrees Celsius without deformation or production of toxic substances contaminated into food, so tools made from silicone can be used in microwave ovens, dishwashers without fear of damage. This can be considered the safest material for solid babies and is trusted by many mothers around the world.
  In addition, its durability is very high, so the baby can comfortably hold the throw without fear of damage or making a loud noise every time he falls, startling him.
  Going with that quality, its cost is also higher than plastic weaning tools. Depending on the financial situation, parents should consider owning a silicone weaning kit.

  Currently, there are many establishments and stores that provide silicone weaning items rampant on the market, you need to go to reputable stores that sell products of clear origin and especially do not contain BPA.
  In addition, plastic and silicone products that do not contain BPA ingredients (usually indicated on the product packaging are: BPA free) is the safest material for babies.

  Hopefully, through the above suggestions, parents have learned which weaning utensils are suitable for their babies. From there, parents will both help children enter the weaning stage easily and make mothers happy when their children are healthy and wise.

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