Rubber and Silicone, which materials are safe for your health

Differences between rubber and silicone

  What is rubber?

   Rubber is usually processed from rubber tree sap. Even. As a polymer chemically based material with high mechanical strength and elastic deformation, waterproof, good insulation, rubber is very useful and has many functions both in daily life and in production.

Rubber tree

   It is a highly elastic organic material that can stretch many times its original size. Thanks to its high strength and elasticity, rubber is widely used in households, industries, hospitals, etc. 

   Due to their amorphous structure, these materials have a glass transition temperature, and the melting point of rubber is 180 degrees Celsius.

  What is silicone?

   Silicones are polymers consisting of any synthetic, inert compound made up of repeating units of siloxane, consisting of a functional group of two silicon atoms and an oxygen atom that regularly combines with carbon and/or hydrogen. Silicon is generally more heat resistant and elastic than rubber, is used in sealants, adhesives, lubricants, medicines, cooking utensils, and is used in insulation and electrical insulation because silicon oxygen bonds are more durable than the carbon niches of normal rubber.


   In the medical field, silicon is found in implantable prostheses, urinary catheters, contact lenses, wound dressings and more. You can also find silicone in some personal items such as shampoo, shaving cream, lubricants, and sex toys.

Silicon is made as implants.

   Heat resistance, silicone can be found in many kitchen items such as gloves, tongs and pan handles; The non-stick properties of silicone make it suitable for nonstick coating on cookware. In addition, silicone's heat resistance and lubrication capabilities make it the ideal lubricant for automotive parts.

   In other industries, silicone is commonly used as a lead sealant and water bottle. Silicon welded pipes are also very important in electronics. It serves as a coating that can protect sensitive instruments from electric shock and other dangers.

   In addition, silicone is made into gaskets of food containers, or of machine parts because of its safety properties and high heat resistance.

  What is the difference between rubber and silicone?

   Both rubber and silicone are elastomers. They are polymeric materials that have elastic properties that we often call elasticity. We can distinguish silicone from rubber by its rough structure. In addition, silicone has more specific properties than conventional rubbers. Rubber appears in nature or we can synthesize it, but silicone only has a synthetic nature, depending on which we can find the difference between silicone and rubber.

   Silicone is a form of synthetic rubber. However, the main difference between rubber and silicone is that the base of silicon e contains silicon and oxygen, while the root of most rubbers contains carbon-carbon bonds.

Synthetic rubber.

   Rubber and silicone mean that normal rubber is often less resistant to heat, chemical attacks, fungi, UV rays and ozone. But silicone is heat resistant. The attack of chemicals, fungi, UV rays and ozone is higher than ordinary rubber.

   Another fundamental difference between rubber and silicone is that organic rubber has poor tensile and tearing properties at high temperatures, while these properties are excellent for silicone rubber at the same temperature, which is why silicone rubber offers special properties that organic rubber does not have.


   1. The root of silicone contains silic and oxygen, while the root of most other rubbers contains carbon-carbon bonds.

   2. Silicone is more resistant to heat, resistance to the attack of chemicals, the attack of fungi, UV rays and ozone than normal rubber.

   3. Because of its thermal insulation, silicone is better than all other rubbers. It gives special properties that bio-rubber does not have. Organic rubber has poor corrosion resistance at high temperatures, while these properties are great for silicone rubber under the same temperature conditions.

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