Silicone Seal Ring Manufacturer in Vietnam

Silicone Seal Ring Manufacturer in Vietnam 

TOPSHENG SILICONE is the leading manufacturer of silicone seal rings and different kind of components like silicone pipes, silicone tubes, silicone nipples etc that meet the requirements of a diverfied range of industries by staying on the cutting-edge of modern product design and different manufacturing technologies, together with our expertise/experience on over 1000 developed products,TOPSHENG SILICONE is able to engineer total solution that bring unmatched value and quality, satisfying a wide range of clients needs from different industry. 


To meet a wide range of your needs

HCR Molding

can make almost all kinds of silicone products like silicone seal rings,especially for some complicated products like silicone adhesive with metal/plastic etc


Extrution Line

mostly used to make the sealing o-ring for food box, diffrent kind of tubes, silicone seal rings etc ,can continuously produce to save the labor cost and make the production more efficient.

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LSR Molding

are automated to run faster than other process,  selected to make the precised products like seal rings, pipes etc to reduce labor cost, especially for the medical/auto/aerospace products


HCR products

LSR products




Extrution Products