Saving Money & Time
Manufacturing and delivery of the best products on-time and within the budget starts with engineer-to-engineer collaboration. TOPSHENG SILICONE engineers partner with your team throughout the product life cyle, providing turnkey design for manufacturing. we work with you to help engineer. your products-from design, prototyping to low-volume launch manufacturing . our team provide cutting-edge techniques that are necessary for obtaining solutions for complex applications. we also offers the ability to create numerous, real-world interations without cutting steel, saving both time and money. 

two people drawing on whiteboard
Unmatched Supports As Following

Unmatched Supports As Following

  • Material Research and Development
  • Engineering Assistance

  • Design Verification and Risk Management

  • Production Option Cross function

  • Review of Manufacturing Process

  • Mold and Tooling Design for Manufacturability

  • 3D molding software is used to assist in Product and Mold Design

The reason I contact to you:

  I’d like to share with you my project SILICONE SPOON

  We usually use metal or wooden spoon. After a long time of use, if they are not stored properly, they’ll lose the coating on the surface, easily oxidized and wooden spoon are difficult to remove grease, appear black streaks due to mold. This affects the aesthetics and is extremely dangerous to human health. 

  That’s not a big deal but it just safety for everyone. 

  I sent you the 2D drawing, please check it and could you please give a chance to work with your designer to make SILICONE SPOON design and its tag.

The reason I contact to you:

From 2D Drawing To Sample

Normally within 15 working day,  we will take 4 steps to turn your 2D drawing to a real sample.

Send us your 2D drawing to make it real.

Start now

Step 1.

If you only have the 2D drawing and you send it to us. 


From 2D Drawing To Sample Step 1

Step 2.

We will help you make the 3D drawing

From 2D Drawing To Sample Step 2

Step 3.

Then make the mold.

From 2D Drawing To Sample Step 3

Step 4.

And finally make the real sample.


From 2D Drawing To Sample Step 4

From Sample To Real Sample

If you only    have the existing sample,

do not have the 2D/3D drawing

send the sample to us.

Normally within 15 working day.

You want to make a sample?   

Scan the sample

Step 1

Scan the sample

Make the 3D drawing directly

Step 2

Make the 3D drawing directly

Then make the mold.

Step 3

Then make the mold.

Make the real sample

Step 4

Make the real sample

Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping

TOPSHENG SILICONE uses state-of-the-art 3D printers to produce “Quick-Mold” prototypes, saving time to production. With this capability, we can produce functional parts from production materials in as little as 1-2 days.

Choosing & Developing custom material formulation for you

TOPSHENG SILICONE engineers have over ten years experience into delivering products on-time and within budget. we can do the material formulation. design assistance, tool production and automation development to ensure optimal product design to specific requirements. TOPSHENG SILICONE meets these goals through extensive products knowledge, material expertise, computational modeling, prototyping, testing and market information.    

Contact us to learn more. 

Choosing & Developing custom material formulation for you