We care your products quality

      Quality of the product is a key factor of the company to increase competitiveness and sustainable development.

        Trust & Assurance
        TOPSHENG SILICONE weaves quality managment into every step of production by maintaining ISO certification standard, we test and analysis the property from the raw materail to the final products for quality parts delivered on time. TOPSHENG SILICONE incorporates a custom work management system designed specifically for the company's unique product launch and manufacturing processes. 

                    Testing and Analysis is done in-house using the latest technologies to verify      engineered solutions for custom products. The TOPSHENG SILICONE  engineering  team works closely with customers to recommend and conduct the appropriate tests for each custom molded products.We offer the best customized solutions to meet ever-changing material and functional requirements.right now we can do the following test previous, during and after the massive production :

                  • Leak Testing
                  • Mechanical Testing
                  • Customer-Specific Testing
                  • Fail Mode Evaluation Testing
                  • Chemical Analysis
                  • Density
                  • Compression Set 
                  • Deterioration Rate
                  • Durometer Hardness
                  • Resilience
                  • Flammability
                  • Tension
                  • Tear Resistance 
                  • Insulation resistance

                  Work Management System

                    WMS highly integrated system allows key managers to continuously monitor progress, facilitates interaction between managers and operators. Process audits provide consistency from batch to batch.

                    Continuously monitors KPS with safety, quality and operations. managed by exception focuses efforts where needed most and eliminates wasted time searching through data. drive accountablility to every level of our organication. 

                    Track key metrics, ensuring projects are on schedule.

                      Part Of The Test Tools

                      Tensile strength tester


                      Rheometer tester

                      Tube pressure tester