Silicone molds and what you should know

What is a silicone mold and is it safe

Are silicone molds safe? Do you carry toxic substances that affect human health? 

  Are silicone molds safe? Does it carry toxic substances that affect the health of you and your family? Follow's following article, so that we can help you answer questions and problems related to silicone molds. Hopefully, after this lesson, you can know what silicone molds are and choose for yourself safe molds to serve your daily cooking or production business.

What is a silicone mold? 

  Silicone molds are tools (devices) manufactured from silicone (If you do not know what silicone is, please review the previous article of to be able to understand better). Silicone molds are used to shape products according to the shaping method. Each mold is usually made and used for a certain number of product molding/pressing cycles, which can be one-time or multiple. The texture and size of the mold depends on the size, shape, quality and quantity of the product to be created.
  There are many types of molds with many different applications used in many industries, such as baking, vegetable making, ice, soap making, candles,...

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Are silicone molds safe? 

  What is silicone and is itpoisonous? Is it safe? Do you carry toxic substances that affect human health? Surely this is one of the questions that a lot of smart users ask.
  Currently, siliconeis commonly used from everyday living items, we can easily see items made from silicone around us, even silicone is used in the whole medical industry. The answer for you is that silicone is extremely safe for the health of users. 
  Silicone compounds are widely used in many fields including aesthetics and medical, including chest, buttock, nose implants, artificial heart valves,... . The fact that silicone can last a long time in the human body confirms that items manufactured from silicone are very safe for users' health. So to answer the question "Is silicone mold safe or not", the answer is absolutely yes. In addition, if they have toxins, the concentration is only extremely low and does not cause any impact or danger to the health of the user even if used for a long time. 

How to tell if silicone molds are safe or not. 

  Silicone is an odorless, tasteless compound, originally the color of silicone is transparent or milky, but due to the manufacturer's discretion or customer requirements, silicone items can come in a variety of colors. If your silicone e mold has a strange smell, such as the smell of rubber, the smell of plastic, or when leaving molded food as a strange smell, it is completely unsafe, it may not be silicon but it may be a type of rubber, or some poor quality plastic, Please note this so that you can protect yourself and your family. 
  When you exert strong force by pulling or twisting a silicone product and see white particles appear, it is silicon that is no longer original and has been mixed with some fillers. This is not cheap, poor quality and unsafe silicon, Silicone products containing these fillers can affect product quality and the health of the user. 
  Because of this, you should choose to buy silicone molds from reputable stores or distributors, with clear certificates of origin to avoid buying poor quality and unsafe goods. For molds used for cooking, there must be a food safety certificate, because when used in cooking, molds will be exposed to high temperatures, if you buy poor quality products, then they will produce toxic substances contaminated into the food, Long-term use can cause cancer and many diseases with other unpredictable complications. Please note this so that you can protect yourself, your family, friends and those around you.

Notes when using silicone mold products. 

  Use silicone molds only in the oven, microwave, autoclave, or pour the material to be shaped directly into the mold.
  Do not put silicone molds directly into the flame, because the fire has a very high temperature, can reach 2000°C, so when putting the silicone mold directly into the flame, it will melt or burn the mold, it is not safe to use. 

  Do not use with sharp and sharp objects such as knives and scissors,... it will tear the product damage. 
  You should be careful when handling silicone objects at high temperatures and remember to wear protective gloves when taking molds from the oven to protect your safety.

  In addition, because silicon has flexibility, and flexibility, it is better to put food in molds before putting it in ovens, pots, steaming trays,...

Are silicone molds expensive.

  Along with these conveniences and safety, the cost of silicone molds is also higher than plastic molds and rubber molds. But in return, you get many things such as the flexibility and safety of silicone is much higher than other materials. Along with that, silicone mold is very durable, not easily damaged, if you know how to store it properly, silicone mold can have 2 to 3 times longer use time than plastic and rubber molds.

  Through this short article, you probably know the safety and convenience of silicone mold, it is the preeminent material in life. Unlike other materials, when exposed to high temperatures, silicone does not produce toxic substances that adversely affect health, making it possible to comfortably cook, or make products that need to be shaped without worrying about tools being degraded when encountering high temperatures. If you are a manufacturer of cakes, candles, or soaps, try to learn and use silicone molds, maybe you will love it when you realize its great functions and safety.

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